Why choose Kriton?


About Kriton

We see a real-estate’s value not just in its location but also in its development potential. KRITON is a specialist for employing new usage concepts to extend the lifecycles of existing buildings, merging sustainability with profitability. This added value is our investors’ ROI.

As an expert for the Core Plus and Value Add risk categories, we focus on the German market and are leading independent real-estate investment and asset managers. Our acquisition, project development and commercial portfolio properties management has a long track record. Our client base comprises institutional investors along with affluent private individuals.

  • Investment Management
    • Search and locate promising properties and projects in a targeted manner
    • Analyse investments
    • Create a viable and binding business plan
    • Execute transaction according to the developed objectives
  • Asset Management
    • Develop custom property strategies
    • Review and devise tenant loyalty and new leases on an ongoing basis
    • Identify and increase square footage
    • Actively manage property to increase its value
    • Periodically run marketing activities
    • Professional standard reporting
  • Development Management
    • Develop a meaningful concept for each project
    • Define a suitable project team
    • Professional project management and periodic sharing of information with all stakeholders
    • Up-to-date cost and time management
    • Periodic investor updates

revive buildings.
create value.
generate profit.